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More and more people are discovering every day the many educational benefits of incorporating VR Quest into their school curriculum. Here are just a few comments from VR Quest users!

Philip J Carollo, Principal of Louis DeSario School in New York, on using VR Quest in classrooms as cutting-edge instructional technology

"This year, the school purchased the new VR Quest software and it is without reservation that I highly recommend VR Quest to all schools that wish to engage their students in innovative 21st century skills, STEAM and curriculum-based learning. Students participate in interdisciplinary, content-rich learning by creating their own personal 3D video fully immersive virtual reality games via VR Quest. We look forward to future collaboration with this cutting-edge instructional technology."

Bruce Lincoln of the Center for Technology, Innovation, Community Engagement at Columbia University

Bruce Lincoln describes VR Quest as “the definitive Virtual Reality learning environment”. "I understand and promote the broad dissemination of digital learning environments as the future of education in the United States in the 21st Century Information Age. In an article I co-authored entitled 'Constructivism, Technology and the Future of Classroom Learning', my colleague and I wrote of a future where digital technologies would allow students to learn through the use and creation of immersive multimedia learning environments. VR Quest has brought that vision into reality.

VR Quest is the definitive Virtual Reality learning environment where students acquire computer skills, but also problem solving, teamwork, group and personal responsibility which are often overlooked and essential for at-risk youth in today’s and future job markets.

Without question, there are no other computer-based learning programs which incorporate Virtual Reality game design at this level. This project-based learning model combines culturally-relevant software with VR technology and is well-suited for after-school enrichment programs and developmentally appropriate for increasing the social and emotional intelligence of at-risk youth.

Most importantly, students are engaged, have fun, and learn the soft skills critical to being competitive in the digital workforce. I would highly recommend the integration VR Quest at your site".

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Jessica Jenkins, Community Superintendent of District 31, New York, talks about VR Quest

As the community superintendent of District 31 and the former principal of a highly successful middle school, I have had the opportunity to see VR Quest in action across my district classrooms.

VR Quest provides students of all ages an engaging and rigorous project-based learning model through Virtual Reality Technology. Additionally, it is aligned to science and social studies learning standards that students are expected to master.


Furthermore, the unique presentation of the material builds upon the skills students must master to be considered college and career-ready.

Nicholas G. Fucci, Assistant Director of Camps & Clinic at the Stony Brook University, NY talks about adding VR Quest to their Summer Camp Academy

We currently oversee the operation of over 70 camps, clinics, and academies held at Stony Brook University. We are always looking for new, innovative programs that will engage the interest of our campers and provide an enriching experience for all that enroll. VR Quest did not disappoint.

After seeing the program in action, and getting such positive feedback from the campers, we decided to add VR Quest to our Summer Camp Academy offerings.

In addition to the quality service we received, the product completely surpassed all our expectations. VR Quest is truly a high-quality, unique computer program that provided each camper a high-quality, unique experience that they could not get in any other camp program in the area. The campers in this academy became fully immersed into the world of virtual reality. They were impressed with the quality of the graphics and became hooked from the first day of the academy.

VR Quest is by far one of the best programs I have seen in a camp setting. I would fully recommend this program to any camp, after-school, or enrichment program that is interested in a high quality, educational, computer-based product".

The Principal, Teachers and Pupils of P.S. 3, New York on Using VR Quest in Their School

Judith Wilson, Principal, Public School 3, New York:

"Where do I begin to tell you how fortunate I am to have my school, Public School 3, matched to VR Quest. I had waited one year for PENCIL to find an organization just right for PS3. I asked to be matched to an organization that would involve my 4th and 5th grade students in technology and at the same time incorporate the Common Core Standards and STEAM/STEM. I needed a program that would engage my students at a higher-level of thinking. This is it!

The excitement in the room can be felt as students venture out into the world of creating their own 3D video games. Our students had no prior experience building video games but were able to do it with VR Quest’s ‘kid’ friendly instructions. Enough from me!

Mr. James Laieta, Grade 5 Gifted and Talented Teacher:
“VR Quest integrates educational fully-immersive virtual reality game designs into our school day via technology. My students are in the process of creating their own video games that enhance research skills, academic rigor, and a “hands-on” approach that commingles the newly-aligned Common Core State Standards. My students and I cannot get enough of this technological phenomenon. This program is inspirational, and the answer to a teacher’s dream!”

Justine Kostenbader, Technology Teacher:
“Children today live in a fast paced, digital world. VR Quest uses a 2D and 3D game designing platform to teach research, problem solving, critical thinking, computer/internet literacy along with the Common Core Standards. It’s great to see that the students are fully engaged as well as taking ownership and pride in their creations. Is there a part of me that feels guilty that they don’t realize how much “work” and research-based learning they are actually doing? Nope, not at all!”

Michael Mantello, Grade 5:
“This game program provides me with the chance to use my computer skills and think creatively to build my own unique video games. Whatever the “quest”, it feels as if I’m brought into that time dimension! I know we are learning, but I feel we are masterminds of being the creators of a great new world!”

Scott Rapport, Grade 5:
“Who would have thought that creating your own video game would be brought into the school day? This is one of the best programs I have ever seen! The research components are all there for us to study before taking the journey into another dimension! I just love VR QUEST!”

Chase Tierney, Grade 5:
“When my teacher told us we would be creating our own inventive video games, I could not believe my ears! VR QUEST takes my computer knowledge and lets me to study all the subject areas such as Science and Social Studies and bring it into a whole new learning environment!”

Dante Acquatico, Grade 5:

“VR Quest is awesome! Building your own video game and feeling like you are part of that world creates an “outer body experience.”

Steven Bracco, Grade 5:

“VR Quest is such a great leaning tool! I love every bit of it, especially creating my own video games!”

The Long Island Science Center, USA on VR Quest

Delia Gibbs, Executive Director of The Long Island Science Center (LISC), USA on VR Quest and helping students problem-solve and increase self-esteem:

"We are pleased to continue and strengthened the partnership we already have with the interactive educational program VR Quest. The VR Quest program teaches students to design their own virtual reality game and practices real life skills; it employs no violent themes and incorporates teamwork.

A critical component of learning is the ability to problem-solve. Introducing students to this approach early on enables them to think out of the box, make calculated choices and enhance their investigative skills. This has been both demonstrated and documented in our initial year.

The LISC is available to students and teachers as a community venue and as a resource for student learning and application. The design, the building and the testing of these interactive computer games have enhanced creativity and curiosity and increased self-esteem in our students. We look forward to continuing our work with VR Quest on Long Island and to the expansion of the project to additional venues across the country. The ability to introduce these activities as part of an after-school initiative will demonstrate first-hand to school administrators how students can be energized early on and have the chance to go on to greater learning choices. We are equally excited to bring this unique experience of research, creativity, and fun to other museums across the country.

The VR Quest format enhances and strengthens the education we offer and bridges the gap between school and real-world applications, and it teaches students to think, make choices and develop job readiness skills. This program is unique in design yet easily replicable and we look forward to sharing the benefits of this partnership with other institutions".

Marsh Avenue Expeditionary Learning School, New York on VR Quest in the Classroom

Anthony J. Ferrugio, Technology Teacher on how students can learn as well as be entertained:

"I have been a technology teacher at Marsh Avenue Expeditionary Learning School for five years now. I have introduced many different programs to my students in an effort to engage their interests as well as prepare them for a world that continues to revolve around technology.

When students were exposed to VR Quest, the response was well received as you could expect. At last, students can learn as well as be entertained! My beta class even requested that they have the opportunity to spend more time with the program in order to better negotiate its features.

VR Quest is an educational program that not only combines constructive thinking with gaming, it is also themed around positive results as opposed to most of today’s other computer games.

I would recommend this program to any school interested in expanding their technical horizons as well as increasing student engagement".

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